The new generation roadbooks. Now also available for bicycles!

Since 1994 Nébé products is the manufacturer/supplier of the New Generation Roadbook. The roadbook is a high quality product designed and developed by professionals who are onstantly working on improvements.

Bikers value the Nébé roadbook as second to none. State- and municipal police forces as well as thousands of private bikers are fond users of our roadbook. Nébé products offers 3 models for motorbikes and more than 65 stainless steel mounting kits.

The smallest model is now also available for trekking-, city and other bicycles with 22 mm Ø handlebars. The bicycle roadbook is equipped with shock absorbers to prevent unwanted vibrations and includes a complete mounting kit and tools.

These pages show how to mount the roadbook with the attached (imbuskey) allenwrench on your bicycle handlebar.

Do not ride with the upper-cover removed to prevent injuries caused by sharp edges, while falling or getting of your bike. The roadbook is made of Lexan® and can best be cleaned with a soft wet cloth.

A selection of internet addresses is available to select and compose your favorite bike tour. Travel agencies also offer interesting bike tours.

Free selection for left- or right hand operation on your 22 mm Ø handlebar.

Make sure that the base-plate is always rotated completely with your roadbook. The warning-sticker is in the upside down position when you have selected right hand operation of the roadbook.

We wish you many safe- and happy miles with your new roadbook.

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